AIM Leads Development of Customized Training Program

In January 2016, Keymark Corporation contacted AIM to help develop a customized training program for immigrants and refugees entering manufacturing environments. The program focuses on “Job Ready – Factory Ready” skills for employment in the manufacturing industry. Keymark Corporation is an aluminum extrusion company located in Fonda, NY, featuring in-house finishing capabilities including: anodizing, casting, extruding, extrusion die construction, painting, thermal barrier, and more.

Among Keymark’s more than 600 employees, many are immigrants and refugees from the Mohawk Valley Resource Center (MVRCR) for Refugees in Utica, NY. Hiring employees from the MVRCR to complete Keymark’s signature in-house projects gives them a stable job where they can connect with the community and learn advanced career skills. Refugees are often met with several obstacles when they apply for jobs including language, culture, and American business skills and protocol barriers. In the manufacturing industry, refugees also have to learn precision, industrial, and safety skills that meet the demands of the specific career.

To bridge the gap between the obstacles that refugees face and their potential success in the career world, AIM worked with Keymark Corporation to develop a series of critical training videos that addressed workplace safety, company policies and new employee orientation guidelines to refugees in their native languages. The videos produced by ProMedia and translated by TONE were made available to Keymark employees in four languages; English, Burmese, Nepali and Karen. Future training videos can be created in other native languages.

Through the services provided by ProMedia and TONE, the refugee employees now have the opportunity to listen to the video translations as well as read the subtitles in their own language. Each topic area focuses on both Keymark safety procedures and protocols. The topics include two videos – one showing efficient and safe operational methods and handling materials/equipment and another showing the incorrect and potentially dangerous way of completing the same tasks. The developed training videos will be administered by the MVRCR and given to potential employees as part of an orientation program before entering the manufacturing environment at Keymark Corporation.

“We at Keymark Corporation wanted to create a specialized safety training DVD for our employees. The “Job Ready Factory Ready” training DVD required the collaboration of material content, professional media, language translations, and funds to accomplish our mission. AIM was instrumental in helping us to the final development of this project. Many employees will benefit from this specialized training DVD and training program. A job well done!” 

-Health & Safety Manager at Keymark Corporation, Barbara Rockwell, LSP

Funding for this project was provided by the Mohawk Valley Workforce Development Institute (WDI) and the Capital Region Workforce Development Institute (WDI). AIM led the planning of the project, assisted in the development of the technical details, and provided support for the training methods. During the development phase, many operational and cultural barriers were identified by Keymark, AIM and the Mohawk Valley Workforce Development Institute. The “Job Ready – Factory Ready” training program provides a valuable tool to employees that will support them in a safe, successful career.

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