AIM Welcomes New Staff Members

AIM recently hired four new staff with broad experience and high-caliber credentials to provide deeper manufacturing connections with the region, build manufacturing programs tailored to local business needs, and increase awareness of how cyber security relates to manufacturers. Welcome to AIM! 

Paul LaPorte Cyber Security Coordinator: As an IT professional for 10 years, Paul has provided a variety of IT and Cyber Security solutions and training in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, education, commerce, insurance, and more. Paul has an A.S in Microcomputer Technologies: Technical Support and a B.S. in Network and Computer Security. Prior to joining AIM, Paul was the Interim Director of Information Technology at the Utica School of Commerce.

Sean Crossan Senior Manufacturing Consultant: Sean provides training and implementation methods to manufacturers and has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing environments. Sean is certified in Six Sigma Green Belt and in Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving, MOST, and MTM. Sean holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and is a NIMS certified metalworking machinist.

Theresa DaBiere-Craig – Business Development Manager: Theresa is the Business Development Manager for AIM in Fulton and Montgomery counties. Theresa is known for establishing partnerships and facilitating collaboration to successfully leverage resources in outcomes-based programs. She has designed and delivered management training to supervisors, managers, and leaders and has secured millions of dollars through grants to support recruitment, retention, and training of qualified workers.

Michael Marusic – Sr. Manufacturing Consultant: Michael has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and quality. He brought his manufacturing expertise to Mohawk Data Science as a Test & Quality Engineer and has also worked at Trenton Technologies Inc., as a Quality Assurance Manager and ISO Management Representative. Michael is also a former adjunct instructor in the electronics program at Mohawk Valley Community College.

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