Priority Cluster – Cybersecurity & IP Protection

The Advanced Institute for Manufacturing (AIM) provides manufacturers in the six-county Mohawk Valley region a centralized access point for manufacturing and technology assistance, and leverages the college’s partner programs in workforce development, business incubation, and STEM fields. Our regional MEP center additionally provides support to the Mohawk Valley’s priority industry cluster: Manufacturing Cybersecurity & IP Protection

While the media frequently reports on cyber attacks on large manufacturing companies, it is statistically more likely that smaller manufacturers will be victims of such an attack. That’s why AIM is pleased to offer Cybersecurity and IP Protection programs for the small to medium sized manufacturer. Attacks against smaller businesses are usually specifically targeted and planned with the intent of stealing intellectual property such as designs and customer lists, or interrupting operations and revenue.

A cybersecurity strategy provides a roadmap for the small or medium sized manufacturer to create a risk management framework. Incorporating this strategy into current and future manufacturing operations minimizes the risk of loss of information that includes priceless intellectual property, while creating business opportunities by ensuring that customer data is safe and connected systems are secure.

  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Cybersecurity education & employee training
  • Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • Security policy review

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